Are you a video editor who geeks out on advertising?

Work from home. Work with cool clients. Make clever ads that you’re proud of.

šŸŽ„ You can't be camera-shy for this job, so we only consider folks who submit video responses below.

The Quick Deets

Full-time video editor
Work from anywhere (US only)
Unlimited PTO, plus holidays
Health, dental, vision insurance
New Macbook Pro
Quarterly bonuses

How you’ll help:

The need for your help is simple: we’ve got some rad clients who sell things online. And we’ve got lots of clever marketing to think up and make, but not enough folks to do it.

We’re looking for a video editor/animator who can spark original creative marketing conceptsĀ andĀ has the chops to edit them to life. Your impact will start in the creative briefs, where you’ll help craft ideas before we write a word or you touch Adobe Premiere. From there, you’ll turn a library of footage into compelling advertising.

Some stuff you’d jam on:

  • Campaign concept creation
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, CTV spots, and Reddit ads
  • Storyboards & shot lists

If you answer yes to most of these questions, you’d be a great fit:

  • Do you have a portfolio or reel of work to share?
  • Have you created videos for an ecommerce brand before?
  • Can you provide examples of motion graphics you’ve done?
  • Would you consider yourself a passionate video editing nerd?
  • Are you very skilled in the Adobe suite of video editing software?
  • Do you have examples of comedically timed videos that you’ve edited?
  • Are you chill when receiving feedback?
  • Do you have experience with color grading?
  • Do you watch editing tutorial videos for fun?
  • Do you have a genuine interest in marketing and advertising?
  • Can you think of multiple brands’ marketing that you like?
  • Are you able to work with tight deadlines and maintain high quality?
  • Are you super comfortable on Zoom?

Brass tacks, here’s what you’ll need to be able to do:

We’re looking for a creative video editor/animator who can energetically jump in and transform “ingredients,” like the ones below, into video ads that meet or exceed the quality of the examples shown. If this is you, let’s talk.

Turn this stuff:

creative brief
brand guidelines
unorganized video footage
teamwork of a copywriter, designer, and account manager

Into ads like these:

A Day in the Life of this Job

You wake up. Slug some coffee. Jump on your computer. Pants optional. You fire up Zoom for a creative briefing on a set of Instagram ads. An account manager walks you through a thoughtful write-up of the background, client objectives, competitive examples, and creative constraints. She says, “Before we kick off with the full creative team, I could use your help thinking up a rough idea.” The two of you work together to punch up the creative brief based on your knowledge of the client’s footage. You do a cheesy virtual high-five and end the call.

You turn up your instrumental-only tunes and head to the client’s cloud library of footage. After some perusing, you download the clips you need. It’s good stuff, but you’ll have to fill in some gaps to create a good ad. You fire up After Effects and drag in a layered PSD you found in the design team’s folders. It’s perfect. You animate a few things and combine them with the footage. Now you’re gettin’ somewhere. Time for music. You open up the agency’s stock music platform and pick a track with some tasty beats; it’s totally on-brand for this client.

You wrap up the edit, export it, and load it into the agency’s workflow software for internal review. 3PM. Creative brainstorming time. You open Zoom. This time it’s you and two creative teammates. A designer puts a creative brief on screen. The three of you riff on a clever concept for the next dozen ads. You say, “K, cool, now that we have the ideas, I’ll work on rough storyboards.” A copywriter says, “Sweet, I’ll work on some headline ideas.”

Apply right here:

We’d love to get to know you. Apply with our video application process. It’ll take 10-15 minutes. You can find a quiet spot and have your resume and a link to work samples handy before you start.

You can’t be camera shy for this job, so we only consider folks who submit video responses.Ā