Account Manager

Are You a Get-Things-Done Go-Getter Who Geeks Out on Marketing?

Work from home. Flexible hours. Help make stuff you’re proud of. Have fun with us.

🎥 You can't be camera-shy for this job, so we only consider folks who submit video responses below.

The Quick Deets

Full-time account manager
100% work from anywhere
Unlimited PTO, plus holidays
Health, dental, vision insurance
New MacBook Air
Quarterly bonuses

Some stuff you’d jam on:

  • Write briefs to guide our creative team
  • Manage projects using our workflow software
  • Interact with ecommerce clients to keep work moving on time and on-strategy
  • Develop campaign strategies

How You’ll Help:

Your job, really, will be to strategically direct our clients and our creative team on what to make. You’ll need to be savvy in working with a creative team to craft Facebook/Instagram ads (static and video), Google Ads, and more. A lot more. And to do that, you’ll need to be able to create detailed and clever creative briefs—all while staying obsessively organized. We won’t sugarcoat it; it won’t be easy, but it will be fun, challenging, rewarding—and never boring. Plus, you’ll have a fantastically talented team to support you.

If you answer yes to most of these questions, you’d be a great fit:

  • Have you worked in a creative agency or busy marketing dept. for at least a year?
  • Can you show an example of a creative brief you’ve written?
  • Do you have ecommerce experience?
  • Can you look at an Instagram ad and explain why it’s good or not?
  • Do you have the skills to write ad copy if the team was in a pinch?
  • Have you spoken to clients on Zoom by yourself?
  • Would people say you have the gift of gab?
  • Does keeping things organized give you sick satisfaction?
  • Are you energetic and enthusiastic about marketing strategy?
  • Can you thrive at a fast pace?
  • Do you have a good place to take video calls with clients?
  • Are you a whiz at learning new software?

A Day in the Life of this Job

You wake up. Slug some coffee. Jump on your computer. Pants optional. You fire up Zoom to host a status meeting with a client. Today, Vulgar’s founder and CEO has joined the call to participate. An energetic brainstorm breaks outs. Ideas fly. Strategies are formed. Measurable goals agreed to.

You jot down the important points as you pepper in your own ideas and emcee the meeting. You even crack a joke that gets everyone riffing along with you. You wrap the call by echoing back all the next steps and agreements. Everyone gives a thumbs up, and you end the Zoom meeting. You turn up your tunes and post a bullet point recap of the meeting to Slack to keep everyone on the same page.

You think, “next up,” and open the agency’s workflow software. You spend the next 20 minutes writing a creative brief for a set of Instagram ads that the group just talked about. You use Vulgar’s standardized process for creating a killer brief, and by the end of it, you have an aha moment about what the ad should be. You even sketch up the idea yourself to include in the brief to inspire Vulgar’s creative team.

As the last step, you record a Loom video talking through the brief, so nothing gets lost in translation to the creative team. You attach the video to the brief and treat yourself to more coffee.

1 PM. You pop open a different view in the workflow software to see all the projects running at the agency. One is behind schedule. It looks like the client is late on providing feedback on an ad. No problem. You jump over to Slack and send her a message. She replies instantly, and you pop her input into the creative queue for the team to address.

A Zoom call comes in. It’s Vulgar’s CEO. He asks if he can help you with anything, provides a few coaching tips, and gives you a friends-and-family discount code for one of the agency’s new ecommerce clients.

Finer points of your responsibilities:

  • Quickly transform brainstorms and conversations into creative briefs
  • Manage and track job flow with workflow software, status reports, and Slack
  • Prepare creative work to present to clients for approval
  • Uphold and improve agency processes like project briefing & routing, status reports, meetings agendas
  • Master ClickUp, the agency’s workflow software
  • Solve strategic or technical problems by doing research
  • Contribute strategic recommendations during client calls and internal meetings
  • Streamline communication between agency and clients
  • Support the CEO on new business pitches
  • Find solutions and calmly deal with ambiguity

Apply right here:

We’d love to get to know you. Apply with our video application process. It’ll take 10-15 minutes. Find a quiet spot and have your resume handy before you start.

You can’t be camera-shy for this job, so we only consider folks who submit video responses.